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I help you get your body performing at its best  - I get results. By reducing pain and restoring function you can get where you want to be - whether that's just being able to move more easily, or getting back to work or back to peak performance at your chosen hobby or sport.

Now most therapists can fix the simple stuff - it takes something and someone special to fix complex and chronic issues - and that's what I can do really well.

I've learnt that you need to know exactly what the issue is and what needs fixing. A targeted specific management combined with educating and empowering clients and giving them the tools they need to STAY better is what works. They need to have their own arsenal of tactics and knowledge so they can maintain a LASTING result. They need a range of tactics to call on if they start slipping backwards - so they can self manage and know exactly what to do and when.

I'm all about targeted management for your specific issue.... because one size does not fit all.

My Background

I started my physio career back in 1992 after Graduating from Teesside University in the UK with B.Sc. Physiotherapy.

I worked at South Tees Hospitals Trust, a large teaching hospital in Cleveland for over 4 years, rotating through various hospital departments such as outpatients, hydro, gym, elderly care, medical surgical, orthopaedics, neurology and neurosurgery as well as the intensive care and thoracic surgery and intensive care. That basic grounding in different areas of work has stood me in good stead as I have insight I would never have just going straight into private practise.

At 26 I left the UK to work overseas in Saudi Arabia - a plan that was for a year or two to get some 'life experience" -

I was promoted to assistant chief to the Saudi Head Physio and headed a department of over 20 - including physios, physio assistants and interpreters.

I ended up being in Saudi 7 years! - something to do with meeting husband out there - an Aussie who was also working over there. And working there taught me so much about different cultures, different beliefs and also how to effectively communicate with people.

I moved to Perth WA in  2003 to complete my Masters in Manual Therapy at UWA, and Perth has been home ever since.

I have ran my own studio for the last 12 years, downsizing from two studios to one.

We offer Physio, clinical Pilates rehab, group reformer and group mat work.

I have two boys, Ryan and Declan who are actively involved in Rugby, Surf Club and swimming, and a hubby who still plays front row.

My childhood was spend as a competitive artistic roller skater from the age of 6 to 21.  I have been British Champion at senior level and represented GB in Europeans championships ate Youth, Junior and Senior level - so I know the toll that competitive sport tales on the body and understand the mindset of athletes!

Health wise, I was diagnosed with Grade 3, Stage II Breast Cancer in 2016, resulting in a bilateral mastectomy, removal of lymphs nodes and  4 months of intense chemotherapy.

Yep I lost my hair - yep it was shit, but I am out the other end, and the insight of being on the 'other side' of the fence as a patient made me realise that advise and knowledge out there was lacking. I am not back to where I was before but I am still astounded by the lack of knowledge and management I received, and also that of some our clients that come through our door and what they have been told or given to do for their situation.

So... this site was born.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE can make an improvement in where they are and how they move and manage their body.

Yes some have heaps of pain, and I am not saying we can get everyone pain free, or help everyone perform better - but I am aware that not everyone has access to expert knowledge and I am here to share my knowledge.

If I can help someone - that to me is a win.



Fun Facts

I am a huge coffee addict. I love spicy food - the hotter the better. I'll eat most things but don't like celery and don't eat ice cream (although if it's 40 degress I may relent!)

I've lived by the ocean for over 17 years but have not been in past my knees...I hate being wet and cold! I'm highly allergic to animals  which my kids hate me for 'coz they desperately want a dog! I also get hay fever so sneeze A LOT! 

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