Episode 19 : What Can You Do About Back Pain?

There's nothing can do for my Back pain, is there? I get asked this A LOT! Mainly rhetorically as many already believe there is nothing they can do for their pain and they have to put up with it... I'm here to tell you this isn't the case. There is always something that can be done for back pain, but you need to know : * why is it happening? * what's the actual cause of it? Until you know this - you cant change it. Then you need to know: * what's happening in your body? * what patterns and habits has your body adopted? * what compensations are in play that need to change? Most of all - something that has taken years to accumulate and occur - needs 3-6 months to change. WE can alter your pain very quickly - with a few days or a couple of weeks - but HOLDING it there takes work to alter your OLD HABITS. This is the part that's relatively easy - but people find hard. It's easy when you know what YOU need to do - not what your neighbour or friend or other with pain have done - but what YOU NEED. Everyone is different. We are just like cars - we all have something slightly different that we need to work on.... Check out our programs: BACK PAIN RELIEF - BACKSCHOOL - a 6 week group based program with intensive specific instruction - https://www.sareehewlett.com/backschool FIX YOUR BACK - BACK PAIN SUPPORT PROGRAM - 3 months self paced weekly content - https://www.sareehewlett.com/fix-your-back MANAGING DISC ISSUES - a ready to go self paced program you can buy and do right now - https://www.sareehewlett.com/managing-disc-problems BACK PAIN MANAGEMENT FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS 6 weeks training for fitness professionals on back pain management - https://www.sareehewlett.com/managing-back-pain-for-pilates-yoga-professionals or email - [email protected]