The Benefits of Good Core Strength

abs strength clinical pilates core strength core workout good posture pilates strong core Jan 12, 2021
a young fit lady in a dark grey vest top with a blonde pony tail performing a chest lift, abs crunch exercise - torso view

We all know that great core strength can help us and is good for us – pretty much all the clients that call us whether they are fitness clients or clinical ones in pain, the number one thing they want is to strengthen their core!

So why is a good core good for us?

First off – the core when we are talking here, relates to the deep posture muscles that are the deepest layer in the body – so think the base layers that contact the spine and bones – and not the superficial layers we ‘see’ such as the six pack abs.

The deep support muscles comprise things like the diaphragm, the transversus abdominals, pelvic floor, multifidus to name a few.

These are not muscles you can strengthen with weights and in the typical gym style setting – they’re ones that we activate with lower level activity and use control and breathing to ensue we stay ‘stable’ at our core whilst that then allows to use our bigger mover muscles – like the six pack muscles – more effectively.

This is where the magic lies and why dancers look so graceful and effortless when they move – they have great cores which they need to be able to balance – so they use their core posture to ‘set’ and then they can move and use their big muscles to their most effective and efficient.

A good core give you that – effective and efficient movement – meaning you can then perform longer and with greater efficiency – for sport people that translates to better times and longer training before fatigue as you use your muscles more efficiently.

Protect against injury – as we are more efficient we are using our bodies in a better way – we use our core to support and hold s up – so we then use our big superficial muscles to their best use – MOVING – when our core is weak – we over use the big muscles so they mot only move us but work hard to support us – hence we fatigue quicker and are less efficient and more prone to injury.

Better posture – when we use our deep posture core muscles we ‘elongate and get taller’ – how – because these muscles support us at the deep level – and they don’t ‘contract or compress us – they elongate and separate our vertebrae and lengthen the body – again think dancers and their long lean look. Our big mover muscles such as our big long back extensors and QL and hip flexors – will all compress and shorten us – and these are what we use when our core is weak along with upper traps.

Reduced Pain – similar to above – when we have back pain – our core switches off – and we have to make a big and conscious effort to switch it back on – and that takes specifics. When the sore is not supporting us the big muscles – like in ‘better posture’ above cause compression – and this causes increased pain – hence why when people try boot camp or the like their pain gets worse because they have not built up CORE SUPPORT first so they can activate the big muscles well – their big muscles are acting as their core so increasing workload causes increasing pain and increased risk of further injury.

Our Core Strength Kick Starter has been designed with all this in mind – an easy to follow online program that will show you how to get your core on – right from where is it allow and how to test it – to how to tell if you are activating it well – to when to increase load and the exercises you need to do in the meantime.

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