Not Getting the Results you want?

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Not getting the results you thought you would?

There's many different reasons that can cause us to not get the results we expect.
👍 did we do the work PROPERLY
👍 were we consistent
👍 were we committed
👍 did we do it long enough
In my world - the biggest reason that people fail and don't get the results they want, or don't hit their goals - is usually very simple.
They haven't addressed the right things.
Very often where we feel is a problem - is not actually THE PROBLEM - just a compensation or change that we notice - so fixing and changing that doesn't actually change what's caused it.
A shoulder bursitis or rotator cuff issue is generally caused by irritation or pressure in the area - most often by either poor technique or poor posture.
Alleviating the shoulder pain with treatment, or an injection or painkillers will make it feel better - but it will return because the CAUSE wasn't addressed.
Posture, technique correction or alleviating the pressure needs to happen so you fix the REASON you had shoulder pain in the first place.
So if you are trying to fix something - and you're not getting the results you thought - whether it's reduce pain, improve your mobility or strength - and you haven't succeeded or you're not getting where you think you should be...

Maybe you need to re visit WHAT the problem is - not just where you feel it - but WHY its happening.

That's' why we get such good results - because we dig deeper than the obvious and fix that too.
THAT's the secret to results that last.

Fix the WHY and prevent it from happening again.

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