How Did I Get Here?

back care back pain management back pain physio beginner pilates online clinical pilates core strength online core work online movement studio online online physio physio led beginner pilates physio led online studio physio led pilates physio led workouts physio pilates pilates pilates online Aug 30, 2022
Do you ever stop and wonder how you got here?
We're all so busy in life, everything is just go go go..
To me it feels like yesterday I was carefree and in my 20's..
Yet here I am.
Past half century mark, married 22 years, my oldest turning 18, my youngest about to turn 16, and embarking on a new studio - set up not even a month ago...
Not to mention what's going on with my body!
It seems that one day you wake up and everyone is so YOUNG. Team footy players look like they should be in school, the same for new Doctors, mechanics in the on earth are they allowed to work at that age!
My perception has definitely changed!
I've gone from Miss - to Maam/ Madam - got taken aback when that first happened!
Yet, my brain and how I feel still feels young and vibrant, and I'm still full of hopes and dreams, and ideas...
Just life, responsibilities and of course the sensible brain have other ideas...
And the ever changing body... well that another story...
WHEN did all that happen... grey hairs, wrinkles, mum tum, bat wings - we don't notice..... until we do
So here I am.
Intimidated by the thought of now showing skin - does that mean I can't wear shorts again, I never wore bikini's anyway, so no big loss there... but do we choose to cover up and hide all the stuff we don't like anymore...??
Or do we choose to not care - there are different camps of thought for sure!
And getting back into exercise seems hard.
Joints ache, hips are stiff and sore, bodies don't bend and behave the way we want them to.
And most of the time we don't notice day to day...
It's just when we do something new, or garden for a few hours and realise that were not as lithe and supple and mobile as we thought...
There's nothing 'wrong' - just we forget we age a little on the inside to and we lose that strength and elasticity in our muscles and tendons as well.. and that's normal...but we also need to ensure it doesn't become a problem.
If you're ready to embrace moving again in a supported environment - ..then our online studio is launching this week. Msg for info!

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