Get Back Pain Free and know how to Stay Back Pain Free with our 8 weeks DIY physio guided online program.


Your body accomodates over time to chronic back pain by changing how you move and how you use your muscles.

Backschool will teach you what you need to do to get back in alignment and pain free.


When you know how to manage your pain you get your life back.

You get back to feeling like your old self again.

Avoid the frustration of not knowing what to do and when. 

Avoid worrying about whether you're doing the right thing or not.

Save precious time and a money and know that this works.

Get lifetime access so you can refer back to it again and again as you need.


When you're in pain... you don't know what to do for the best.




It's overwhelming and confusing.


You splint the area that is sore and have to move by compensating with surrounding joints and muscles.

The longer you're in pain, the more accommodating the body does, and the further away from normal movement.

This happens subconsciously. 


Without us knowing our body tries to stay active and changes how we use our joints and muscles around the painful area so we can still function. But in a different way.


This results in alignment changes, muscle imbalances, tight muscles, weak muscles, strong muscles, long muscles….muscles that do too much, other strategies forget how to move all together..


Our Get Back Pain Free Online Program - Back School Intensive Program addresses all this in a way that's easy to understand and implement.

Follow what we teach you and implement the strategies and gain great results.

If you want LASTING results, ensure you implement for 8-12 weeks to allow the body to adapt and cement in those changes.


  • We'll show you what the different types of pain mean and how to deal with them
  • How to check you body alignment - and how to get back in alignment
  • How to recognise what posture set you are and how to reset to the optimum posture
  • How to recognise pain from muscle, joints, nerve and patterns of pain so you know what to address
  • How to test muscle strength so you strengthen the right muscles
  • How to test muscle length so you know where you need to stretch
  • How to test your core and start to build core strength


Most importantly - you will learn how to manage all these issues so you get back to restoring normal movement.


You will gain a great understanding of WHY you have pain. WHY your body moves and reacts the way it does. And a tactical strategy that works.


When your body is aligned and moving the right way you will be pain free.


Join GET BACK PAIN FREE ONLINE PROGRAM - Back School Intensive now and get yourself back to moving normally and enjoying a pain free life.


We've put our 30 years of experience into this so you can benefit from our expert knowledge.


We're  excited and pumped to be offering it in a way that makes it accessible for so many more people.

Its a work at your own pace program, or follow our recommended guide.

Add on a personal posture assessment so you KNOW what posture type you are, or our VIP option where you get a personalised posture and core assessment, a 40 minute zoom call and voxxer support during the program.


It's all online with lifetime access.

Lifetime access begins from 30th Oct 2023 for our 8 weeks guided program.


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Are you ready to kick back pain to the kerb and get back to moving the right way?

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