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Your very own go to physio  in your back pocket for just $49 month!


My Pocket Physio is the ultimate online physio resource ‚Äď giving you access to expert knowledge and advice, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Our professional and experienced physiotherapist will provide you with education on all things physio that will help you manage your body better.

This membership provides structured training and support, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of how your body works and how to get the most out of it.

Our monthly subscription includes weekly trainings with a professional physiotherapist  - as well as Q and A options. Access a challenge or masterclass education every month.

Plus, we also offer tips and group support to ensure you are receiving the best support possible throughout your journey.

By signing up for My Pocket Physio, you'll receive up-to-date information on all aspects of physiotherapy from an expert in an easy to implement way.

We provide detailed explanations about topics such as anatomy, posture correction exercises, injury prevention strategies and range of motion and strength exercises. All¬†of which can be accessed at any time ‚Äď anytime day or night via the online portal - access as long as you are a member.

Our members have the opportunity to learn about their own bodies in depth so they can reach their goals faster and more effectively than ever before. With our help, you’ll be able to identify what is causing your discomfort and take actionable steps towards recovery or improving performance.

So why wait? Sign up now for just $49 per month and start learning from our expert physiotherapists!



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Why My Pocket Physio...


Most of us have limited immediate access to our 'own physio' , or we may just want  a quick question answered or after a quick bit of advise or information that doesn't require booking a whole appointment for - so  My Pocket Physio was created to fill that gap.

Whether you're interested in sport, have an active hobby, teach others to exercise, or are in health, sometimes we just need a reference point and a place to learn more without the formality of a full blown appointment. Sometimes we want to know what we're doing is along the right track. Sometimes we need to know things need more looking after or more serious then we think.

Gain some knowledge and find some answers. 

We'll help you stay active.

Get up to date information on how to manage various things.

Access the basic info required to help you determine what to do and when to get help, so you know when to seek help and get appropriate intervention.

Taking the correct action at the right time allows you to stay healthy, strong and at the top of your game, rather than waiting too long. 

Learn more about chronic issues and look at your pain differently.


Injured or have an Injury

Not sure what you have done? Dong the right thing at the right time gives you the best outcome. 

digital style image of a body with a skeltal xray shot of the shoulder and shoudler blade as if he has a shoulder injury

Not sure if you need to get help

Access information on common issues - what they are, what the feel and look like and their symptoms. 

skeletal image of a elbow injury on a digital body . person is gripping the ankle as if in ankle pain or ankle ligament injury

Get the Right Advise

Get our information,  screening and reference guide and know when to seek help.


Take a look at the content coming soon







Week 1: Introduction to Physiotherapy and Membership Benefits

  • Overview of physiotherapy and its role in promoting health and well-being

  • Introduction to the membership benefits and available resources

  • Guidance on how to make the most out of the membership experienceHere's some stuff

Week 2: Understanding Common Musculoskeletal Conditions

  • Overview of common musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain, arthritis, and joint stiffness

  • Causes, symptoms, and risk factors associated with them

  • General strategies for managing and preventing musculoskeletal issues

Week 3: Exercise and Stretching for Joint Health

  • Importance of exercise, flexibility and stretching for your joint's health

  • Demonstrations of joint-specific exercises and stretches

  • Recommendations for incorporating exercise into daily routines

  • easy to transfer o daily life

Week 4: Posture and Ergonomics for a Healthy Spine

  • The impact of posture on spinal health and overall well-being

  • Tips for maintaining good posture throughout the day

  • Ergonomic recommendations for various settings

  • (home, office, etc.)


 WEEK 5 : Pain Management Techniques

  • ¬†Introduction to pain management strategies for acute and chronic pain
  • Non-pharmacological methods for pain relief, such as heat/cold therapy and relaxation techniques
  • Guidance on when to seek professional help for pain management

Week 6: Injury Prevention and Safe Movement

  • Understanding the importance of injury prevention and safe movement practices

  • Tips for preventing common injuries during physical activities

  • Techniques for improving body mechanics and reducing the risk of injury

Week 7: Nutrition and Joint


  • Exploring the relationship between nutrition and joint health

  • Foods and nutrients that support joint health and reduce inflammation

  • Tips for incorporating a joint-friendly diet into everyday life

Week 8: Flexibility and Mobility


  • Benefits of flexibility and mobility training for overall health and joint function

  • Demonstrations of exercises and techniques to improve flexibility

  • Recommendations for incorporating flexibility training into exercise routines


Week 9: Stress Management and its Impact on Musculoskeletal Health

  • Understanding the relationship of stress and musculoskeletal health

  • Techniques for managing stress to reduce its impact on the body

  • Mind-body practices, such as meditation and deep breathing exercises, for stress reduction

Week 10: Rehabilitation and Recovery Strategies


  • Overview of the rehabilitation process after surgery or injury

  • Guidance on post-operative exercises, timelines, and precautions

  • Strategies for promoting a successful recovery and regaining function

Week 11: Aging Gracefully with Physiotherapy

  • Addressing the unique challenges and considerations of aging and health

  • Tips for maintaining mobility, strength, and balance as you age

  • Strategies for promoting healthy aging through physiotherapy and self-care practices


Week 12: Integrating Physiotherapy into Daily Life

  • Practical ways to incorporate physiotherapy principles into daily routines

  • Tips for staying active, managing stress, and maintaining optimal joint health

  • Encouragement to continue utilizing the membership resources and community support


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