Episode 13 : Can poor posture cause pain? IMO - hell yes!


there's a growing body of evidence that think that poor posture does not correlate with studies on pain..... which means  that when they have looked at people who have similar postures - it doesn't predispose you to 'have pain'.

In my 25 + years working with people in pain... I beg to differ.

Now whether that means they have been in pain and then adopted a different posture, or whether their poor posture has led to pain - that's up for interpretation...

I think personally a huge percentage of people who are 'static' these days will end up getting some sort of discomfort, and we need to manage that  - whether its preventative - and pushing better self care or reactive when there is already pain in situ.

So much so that I have a course on 'better posture'!

its aimed at those who want to do the work to address what they feel is an issue - so maybe you're hunched over, weak muscles, r maybe you are starting to get sore shoulders and they're tight, or maybe your back hurts of you sit for too long, or your hamstrings are tight and weak and your glutes and hips need work.

Whatever the reason - this online course aims to raise awareness, get you stretch and working 'against' poor posture.

And lets face it - who doesn't want to stand tall, look confident and get noticed!

check it out here - http://bit.ly/2W2gQiO