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Results may vary.

We cannot guarantee results as all results are individual and dependant on personal commitment and adherence to the program.

Suitable for those who can move freely.

Not suitable for those who have restricted movement and function due to severe pain.

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This is the program you need if you want to get better posture - in a way that WORKS and is user friendly so you understand exactly what you're doing and why.

We've been working with people with posture issues for decades and this physio designed online program takes the most important things that we know work and makes them easy for you to follow and implement at home.

You'll look taller, stand straighter, feel lighter, feel more confident and look fantastic.

Better postures also mean you're less prone to injury, pain and postural dysfunction.

What you'll learn:

  • What is good posture, why is it important and what implications and problems does poor posture cause
  • Posture Types and how to recognise them
  • Good posture stretches, exercises and what you need to strengthen to get there.
  • How to change your daily routine to ensure you look after your posture. 

Lifetime access included.

Long Length (90cm) Firm Foam Roller essential if you want o get the most of of the program. 

Access from 5th May 2023