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I understand that this program does not mean I am qualified to manage people in pan.

It is not a medical management strategy for people in pain rather an explanation of the suns and symptoms that are generally seen and how movement and exercise can affect them.

I should seek the advise of their attending therapist on what exercise modifications are advised and stay within my scope of practise.

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Back Pain Management for Movement Professionals


Back Conditions can cause not only pain but affect how we move, how much pain we feel and how we can use our muscles.

Some back conditions respond well to exercise, whilst others may be exacerbated.

Get confident knowing what the different conditions are and how they look, so you can work within your scope of practise and have a better understanding of what's going on and why.

Over 8 weeks you will learn

  • the main back conditions and what they present like
  • how movement and exercise can be affected
  • what to watch for and be wary of
  • what contra-indications there may be to exercise and when
  • what exercise modifications look like
  • appropriate exercise progressions/ regressions
  • exercises that will aggravate or can cause more harm

We'll also cover:

  • posture sets and assessment strategies
  • posture sets that are adopted in pain - the good, the bad and the indifferent
  • posture correction 
  • how what feels good may actually be making your client worse
  • muscle inhibition
  • when to refer on

We start 31st October 2022

Some of the conditions we'll cover include:

  • disc issues
  • facet joint 
  • sciatica
  • spondylosis/ spondylolisis/  spondylitis/ spondylolisthesis
  • degenerative disc disease
  • stenosis
  • SIJ issues
  • pubic symphysis pain

All housed in our online website with lifetime access

Training via FB group, online emails, videos and demos

2 Q and A sessions.

Taught by Saree Hewlett - APAM Titled Musculoskeletal Therapist with 30 years experience in back management therapy, clinical Pilates and rehab.