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We advise you to checked with your health provider before participating in any program.

  • Results are not guaranteed and may vary
  • suitable for those in chronic pain that is consistent and stable
  • suitable for non irritable back pain - eg - flares up but settles with rest over night.
  • not suitable for those who have an 'unstable condition' which means pain changes day to day and can have flare ups that result in increased pain for no reason for a few days.
  • we advise you stop if anything causes you an issue that doesn't settle quickly.

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Get Back Pain Free - Online Program - BACKSCHOOL INTENSIVE 27th NOV 2023

Say goodbye to short-term relief and hello to long-term results.

We'll show you how to get rid of pain, build strength and move with ease so you can get back to living life the way you want to.

Restore confidence in your body and feel safe knowing what you do works and you can trust your body again.

Introducing Back School, the ultimate online physio solution for managing and improving your back pain for good.



Our physio led program is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to successfully manage the different factors that influence back pain and address them long-term.

Back pain requires a multifaceted approach, and our program will provide you with the information and resources necessary to manage your pain effectively.

With over 30 years of experience helping people in our clinic, we've compiled our proven strategies and techniques into this online program for you to get long term relief you can use at home, saving you time and money with lifetime access.

Through Back School, you learn life long tactics that work:

  • pain relief techniques to reduce and get rid of pain
  • to take pressure off your spine to reduce strain
  • pain free posture
  • avoiding pain situations
  • to recognise common back issues
  • relief from different types of back pain 
  • to start moving again with ease
  • improve your flexibility and reduce stiffness
  • to build your core strength
  • ways to integrate back pain management into your daily life for long-term results with ease

Get back to living life on your terms with Back School.

Lifetime access ensures that you'll always have the information and resources you need to manage your back pain effectively.

Join now and take the first step towards understanding and managing your pain.


JOIN BACKSCHOOL and get back to living your best life on your terms.




MONTHLY 2 x $299 AUD 



WEEKLY 8 x $75 AUD



VIP OPTION - Prefer a more personalised experience where you get exclusive support throughout the Program?

Our VIP option is available - Message for details  [email protected] 



Suitable for those with long term chronic pain.

Not suitable for those who are in acute discomfort or get easily irritated with their back that takes days to settle.

Seeking your health professional advise is recommended prior to participation.