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We advise you to checked with your health provider before participating in any program.

  • Results are not guaranteed and may vary
  • suitable for those in chronic pain that is consistent and stable
  • suitable for non irritable back pain - eg - flares up but settles with rest over night.
  • not suitable for those who have an 'unstable condition' which means pain changes day to day and can have flare ups that result in increased pain for no reason for a few days.
  • we advise you stop if anything causes you an issue that doesn't settle quickly.

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Back Pain Relief Online Program - BACK SCHOOL INTENSIVE Instalments Option

8 weeks Online - Starts Monday 28th November 2022

Learn what to do step by step over 8 weeks to successfully manage the different factors that influence back pain and what you need to do to address them.

After 30 years helping people in person in our clinic we have collated how we work and the strategies we use to be able to reach and help even more people.

This 8 week online program will give you the knowledge and tools you need to improve and manage your back pain long term.

Many of us can get short term relief, but have never been taught or shown what to do to get long term results and benefit.

This program changes that.

Back Pain needs a multi - faceted approach and this program  gives you what you need to manage pain successfully.

Gain the confidence you need to live life on your terms knowing you know exactly what to do when yo get pain and how to deal with it successfully.

Our 8 week Back School  will cover:

  • how to track your pain and know what type of pain you have
  • the influence of posture 
  • different posture types and the effect they have on back pain
  • pain sensitive structures in the back
  • common back pain problems and how they present
  • the different types of back pain and what that means
  • what you need to do for each type of pain so you can successfully manage yours
  • how to start moving again
  • trigger points and muscle release
  • test your flexibility and learn how to improve it
  • testing your core strength and start the basics to build it
  • how to integrate things into your day to day life for long term results

We've created this program so we can reach and help more people reclaim their life after back pain.

Get the tools, information and confidence you need to manage your back long term.

Understanding pain is working out why you get and and then how to manage it.


JOIN BACKSCHOOL and get back to living life on your terms.



Suitable for those with long term chronic pain.

Not suitable for those who are in acute discomfort or get easily irritated with their back that takes days to settle.