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Learn what you need to know to excel and get the best results with your clients who struggle with back issues and become the go-to professional in your area 


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Your 8 week online program for Pilates and Yoga Professionals to grow your knowledge and confidence.


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Calling All Pilates and Yoga Instructors.

Get your clients out of Back Pain.


Do you want to get the most out of your clients who have back pain but struggle to know exactly what to do with them?

Do you crave more knowledge about the best exercises to choose for them, what your exercise selection and modifications should be, and most importantly what exercises they should avoid?

YES?! Well then this program has been designed exactly for you!

I'm so excited to be running this online program again LIVE, so you'll get access to me throughout the duration to get any of your questions answered!


Countdown to the course start date - Monday 2nd Jan 2023 









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Are you fed up, anxious and frustrated trying to manage people in pain? Want to know and learn more so you are confident when they walk in, and at the top of your game?

  • Are you sick of trying to progress your clients only to have them flare up and complain they're sore....
  • finding more and more clients have aches and niggles and you need help knowing what to do with them
  • tired of always going back to square one because they get sore and stiff again no matter what you try
  • are you always looking for ways to get them moving again but stick on what to do that will work?

I help health professionals just like you achieve the best results with their clients who want to get stronger, fitter, healthier but who also have back pain.

Over the last 28 + years I've helped thousands of my own clients who have been in pain reclaim their health and fitness and shown them how to maintain that with ease using my strategies.

Now I've adapted my program to allow you to understand their pain and how they move without having a medical background and without the lengthy and costly issues of your own trial and error.

I've helped thousands of clients improve and helped them get back to exercising well. I can show you how to achieve the same results with yours simply by having the right knowledge so you can make the correct exercise choices.

I'll present the most common back pain complaints in an easy to understand way, giving you the knowledge you need in a simplistic easy to digest  format, without the need for medical training or medical jargon.

During our 8 week on line training you will learn...


  • How to make the correct exercise choices and get your clients stronger and fitter without taking a massive step backwards into flare up or aggravating your clients pain.
  • How to navigate and understand the different back complaints so you can make the right exercise selection, and be confident in that choice.
  • How to choose the correct positioning and strengthening solution for your clients so they progress forward in a positive way and avoid the pitfalls of aggravating or flaring their symptoms up.
  • When to refer on as the client is beyond your scope of practise and the red flags to watch for
  • How to make friends with your local physio or allied health professional and get more referrals.

Benefit From Our Tried and Tested Methods. Avoid the Flare Ups And Set Backs These Clients Tend To Have


80% of the general population have back pain - that's a lot of people who will never achieve their desired health and fitness goals without the right help.

Working with these clients can be easier than you think. Many health and fitness professionals simply don't know how to manage and deal with these clients, or the correct steps to take which means it takes far longer to get results with them then it should.

We've done all the hard work for you so all you have to do is follow our blueprint and implement what you learn about your clients, and get them those results!

You won't just save time either. When you follow our program and implement our information you'll  achieve much better results than you would ever have been able to achieve on your own!


Managing challenging clients is hard work, and an energy zap.

I know - I've been there. As a young physio I had my training, but being presented with a real life person in front of you who is in pain and expects you to help and guide them to getting better can be challenging and exhausting!

I care about my clients as I'm sure you do, and we want them to get results. We impact peoples lives, they trust us with their bodies and what we do can make or break them.

But we don't come out knowing and understanding that. And that's the fabulous thing about health and wellness - we are always learning!

Every year I learn more, every year I get better at what I do , and every year I wish I could go back and manage the clients I had 5 years prior because I could do so much better a job now than I did then, and I'm sure I will still feel the same way in another 5 years!

We never stop learning, and nor should we - we get to be better at what we do - and after 30 + years I have formatted that into an 8 week online program that covers what you need to know to hep you get the best out of your clients - because at the end of the day - that is who we serve and they deserve the best of our know how.

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So why do the course and what do you get?


After the 8 weeks online program you should know what the various main common back complaints are, what they present like, and what clients will complain of.

You'll know the positions, movements and exercises types that will tend to be aggravating and also the ones that will be most beneficial.

You'll be confident in conversing with allied health professionals and appear knowledgeable to your clientele - be the go to professional in your area!

The program will run over 8 weeks - online with email, online access via computer, tablet or phone app.

We'll have Q and A sessions, and live access to me via face book and/or  zoom so you can converse and get the feedback you need.

If you are in the health and wellness arena, you know that 80% of the population have back pain at some time in their lives, and with the current status - many are aware they need to get stronger and fitter to prevent issues further down the track as we fall into a  more sedentary computer based lifestyle.

And they want YOU to guide them and tell them what they need to do - they don't want to have to think about it - they want YOU to have the knowledge and know how to get them there.

This program is the GAMECHANGER for you that will not only EXPAND your KNOWLEDGE but set you apart and ABOVE your competition.

The course program outline is below: we start 2nd Jan 2023

Pre Course Prep Week

Prep Week. Anatomy of the spine, pain sensitive structures. When to refer on.

Week One 

Scoliosis, Kyphosis. What that means and how to manage them.

Week Two

Disc issues – degenerative disc disease. Disc prolapse. Micro and discectomy surgery.

Week Three

Facet Joint Problems. and Spondylosis - degenerative spine changes.

Week Four

What is Sciatica - the different things that are classified as SCIATICA

Week Five

Spondylitis (including Ankylosing spondylitis) - the inflammatory conditions.

Week Six

Spondylolithesis - what is that? including retrolithesis and anterolithesis.

Week Seven

Pelvic Pain and Pubic Bone Pain - includes pregnancy and Rectus Diastasis.

Week Eight

Sacro-iliac joint issues - Pelvic implications - as well as coccyx issues.

 Bonus Content 


      Posture types and how to recognise them

      How posture can influence pain


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Get complimentary access to a 13 minute video on Lower Back Disc issues and see a sample of the course content.

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Meet Your Instructor, Saree Hewlett


Saree is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience working with people who have back pain help  them become pain free, strong and able to move again and back to doing what they love.

She started her career in the UK, completed her Masters in Manual Therapy in 2003, and has ran her own Physio and Pilates studio in Perth since 2009.

She has expert skills in building up core strength and getting people moving again even after years of pain and restricted activity.

Her super power is knowing exactly what needs to happen and when to get optimum results and progress, and giving clients 'wins' that they can see and feel so they gain confidence and build on that.

Her second super power is being able to explain what to do in a way that makes sense to them so they 'get it' - and realise that simple thing sand what they do day to day can have a massive impact in how their body feels and moves - and that includes pain.

Saree's goal is to help everybody get the best out of their body by understanding what is going on with it and taking the appropriate action required for them.

Most people know what's 'wrong' with them - but they don't know what to do to fix it - Saree changes that and gives them the info they need to get there. She develops the right strategies and action plan required in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow and implement.

Knowledge changes everything and Saree wants people to know that by doing the right things at the right time in the right order you CAN get the results you're after... no matter where your start point is.

She loves managing the complex and knows that any physio can manage the simple stuff, but only a special few can manage the complex,... and that is what she does really well!

I'm In! I can't wait to expand my knowledge!

Sneak Peak behind the scenes on what's in the course.


The course is delivered with a mix of email for PDF's, written content, audio and video presentation.

We'll also have some live Q and A's via either Facebook live or zoom with replays available - so send in your queries pre live so they get answered.

The info will sit online  in our programs vault for lifetime access via desktop, tablet or phone - and access to any updates made to the program and complimentary attendance at any future live rounds via opt in.


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Foam Roller On Line course..

Everything you need to know about the foam roller-

  • which to use, and why
  • how to - strengthen the core, stretch, trigger release, stability work, co-ordination, flexibility training and balance work.
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We start Monday 2nd Jan 2023 for our 8 week online program - 

Generic Bonuses:

  • Posture Types
  • How to  recognise them
  • How they influence pain and movement
  • Trigger point release hip flexors, glutes


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  • our full Foam Roller Course - how to use it online - 
  • covers types of roller
  • release/ myofascial/ trigger
  • core strength training
  • flexibility training
  • stability training
  • co -ordination


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