Your Journey to Pain Free...

back care back pain back pain management clinical pilates online physio pain free physio pilates rehabilitation wanneroo physio Dec 15, 2022
Ever wondered why some people just 'get better' and others struggle?
Sometimes it's to do with your start point and what you do initially post injury..
Do you optimise the body's natural healing process or kinda wing it and think she'll be right!
Sometimes it's about the journey itself.
Is it well thought out and planned - is there a plan and purpose.
Or are you just wandering around directionless and having camp outs and detours and roadblocks but never really heading towards the destination...
My role at whatever stage you're at... is to give you a map to where you want to go, a plan to get there depending on how you want your journey to look ( IE cost/time/ destination) and a means or re routing or accommodation any un foreseen 'weather changes' - IE life happens/ plans alter
You can get there yourself for sure- as long as you keep moving forward and heading in that right direction.
Sometimes if you don't pursue that path at the right time... the path becomes over grown and you have to find another way ( EG missed the healing process).
The big difference in seeking help is you have ALL the options available to you from someone who knows the paths and terrain well, and can find work arounds and little back roads you don't know about.

So how do you want your journey to look?

It's YOUR journey... so it can be however you want it to be, or take however long it needs to take..
Just remember when you are truly LOST, it takes longer to find your way back.
Want some guidance?
Message me - [email protected]
There's no harm in 'chatting' if you 're not sure what's available to you.

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