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Do you change what you do according to how you feel?

One of my clients I'm working with struggles with back pain, hip pain and is fully aware that when she is stressed and under pressure - she gets worse.

Her back and hips tighten up, she gets a tucked under pelvis, her inner things get tight and she breathes more with her upper chest...and she gets all tight, pain and struggles to relax and unwind.

Today was one of those days.

So after a stretch and move around and some release of glute med and min, my management strategy today was to NOT work her to build up her core and stability muscles like we normally do.


Instead we focused on how best for her to self manage at home to  PREVENT things from showing up in her body when life gets overwhelming as we're busy and trying to hit work deadlines...


We worked on just being still in side lying, with a soft ball under glutes on her side to allow glute med and min to ' let go' using trigger point release - this reproduced her hip / back and leg pain confirming the problem was a local issue that can be managed at home.

We then focused on lower tummy breathing.

We focused on breathing and letting go of the lower chest and relaxing the upper chest.

Breathing into the tummy and feeling 'heavy' on the bed.

And her whole demeanor changed.

She "LET GO". 

She relaxed.

Her pain went away. 

Her stress and anxiety reduced.

She feel asleep within 5 minutes. 

Relaxation. Stopping. Breathing. Slowing down...

They are all so counter intuitive when we are under the pump, busy, got dead lines to hit.

But sometimes it's exactly what we need.

Sometimes instead of just pushing ourselves and ending in a world of hurt - we need to just RESET.

She left feeling amazing, 'light' with reduced pain. 

BUT MOST IMPORTANT - knowing that SHE CAN BE IN CONTROL... and she has the tools to self manage her pain.

I'm glad my instinct kicked in today to re direct how best to help her right now.


Sometimes we all need a  wake up call to work out what's the best way to help today.


What does my client need V what do I think they need.

For you at home:

Ask yourself. How am I feeling today?

What do I feel I need today.

See what come back - it may just surprise you x

Want help?

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