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Did you know that 80% of us will get back pain at some point in our life, with 80% who are affected then going on to have recurring or ongoing pain…!!

That's huge!

Back pain is also one of the most common causes of absence from work.

What is most confronting for me as a physio is that it can be easily managed - but most are unaware of that.

The majority of people I see believe they HAVE to put up with it and just adjust their life around it.

That is so not true.

Back pain is both complex and simple.

It’s a simple problem to manage, but has complexity in what causes it.

If you KNOW what’s causing it it's easy to manage.

If you address the wrong thing - it’s increasingly complex to manage.


I’m all about the simple. Address what we need to get the right key in.


Imagine you have one door to open to unlock your pain.

But you have a huge bunch of keys.

At first you start methodically - key one, then two, but as you fail to find the right one, you start getting anxious and impatient.

You then start second guessing what you’ve tried.

You may jump around going from logical key to next key, to just a random pick and then all over the place.

You may give up and start again. This time - going backwards, but as you get frustrated - you’re SURE you’ve tried everything and so give up - because you feel you have tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked.

You are also aware  that sometimes, even when you have the right key - you sometimes need to jiggle it, jiggle the door, have a couple of goes - before it opens… But it WILL open.

If you have ongoing issues - you keep re trying and getting frustrated. 

Can you find the key eventually - of course - it just takes longer - and a will to keep at it - and MARK the key that worked so you can easily find it again.


Finding the right key - is my job.

That’s my superpower.


If I don't get it first try - well - sometimes it just needs a jiggle!

You job is to then ensure you keep that key as YOUR key.

The KEY represents YOUR actual issue - the rest of the keys are just all the other stuff that goes on with back pain that causes confusing and complications and makes our head spin.

Are they important - of course.

But they only unlock outer doors for a short time - so you may get short term relief for a short time - but never get to the inner sanctum.

Your choice is whether you keep giving up and starting again form scratch - or whether you keep persevering until eventually you get there.


My role - is leading you through so you get straight there.

This is the analogy I use when people say - why should I get help? All the information I need is in plain sight and freely available on the internet - I can just google it. 

And of course you can.

There’s heaps of keys out there - heaps of different styles, sizes, and you can try them all and see which fits.

Or you can get accurate direction and narrow it down to one or two. - After 30 years - I kinda know what key to go for!

What we also forget - is sometimes that ‘key and padlock’ haven’t been together for a while - so the ‘fit’ may not be perfect or smooth straight away.

You may give up and say it didn’t work and bypass it - Remember too - that the longer it goes on - the more mismatched they become - and a bit more work is involved to get it to open.

My role is reassuring you you have the right one - just let it re-learn how to open and close a few times.

And that is my key analogy for you!


You have three choices:


  1. Find your own key out of the big bunch
  2. Get some help and narrow the keys down to a handful and work through them 
  3. Get accurate guidance and know you have the right one and then keep it 


Will all work  - yes - at some point if you stick at it

Which is most effective - well 3 of course.

So what do you want to do?

If you’d like help - get in contact. [email protected]


July is my Back Care Month  and I have 3 different levels of help to offer - all running online so you have access wherever you are and implement in your time.



  • Back Pain Relief Program - Back School Intensive - 8 weeks - $777- Group training weekly - with 4 interactive group calls over 8 weeks for live training and Q and A option ( Fix your back support group included as a bonus) - sign up here - https://www.sareehewlett.com/offers/8Ak2eSoT


I also have a 1:1 Assessment option  for Assessment and feedback at $250 where I will look at you and advise what I think is your issue and what needs to happen for you to address it. - https://www.sareehewlett.com/offers/tU4qHLsr


I would love to help you!


Any questions email or message me! [email protected]

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