So what exactly IS Clinical Pilates and what do we do and how does it work?

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What's Clinical Pilates all about?

We've had this question a lot recently, so here goes!
In a nutshell, it's using our physio / clinical assessment of you from your injury, problem, pain, or posture point of view and where you are now, and filling the gap from here to where you want to be using Pilates as a toll to help you move better, isolate muscles strength and movement but most importantly tackle multiple areas at the same time -  specific to you and your requirements to get optimum results.
What does THAT mean - we look at you, work out what needs to happen to get you to your goal. 
We use our physio knowledge and skills and any manual help you need, as well as the Pilates equipment to get you pain free, stronger, more mobile and flexible, get you moving better and show you how to maintain that gain at home to stay better.

How do we do that?

Clinical Pilates Process is via a n initial Full Assessment - one hour - we look at you with regard to your history, what's gone on - all the usual kind of questions from a physio, and where you are now and where you want to get to. we assess the areas concerned, as well as looking at you from a posture, biomechanics, what impact is that having on how you move and function, any muscles imbalances, core issues, strength/ flexibility etc.
From there we can advise what needs to happen to get you where you want to be and time frames etc depending on your goal

Appointments -

Clinical Pilates appts are generally an hour - we manage the WHOLE of you - not just the bit that hurts but how that's affecting you according to the first appt.
We don't do 4 sessions neck, 4 sessions shoulder and then start rehab.
We integrate what we can and get you moving as quick as we can - if we feel physio or hands on or manual therapy may benefit we'll let you know.
The Pilates equipment can look really scaring and intimidating and put you off, but we are able to move you with ease.
CLINICAL PILATES SHOULD BE PAIN FREE when we ask you to move... if it hurts - we need to change what you're doing
That's the key aspect - we can get you moving EARLY.
And yes - we have all that equipment on site so we can manage you from either can't move/ scared to move - to elite athlete wanting to be in peak performance!
Booking - Full Hour Appt so we can get ALL the information we need.
We work to an appt system - if you can't find what you need message us with your availability.

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