Long or Short Term Results - which do you want?

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What are you looking for when you have a problem to solve?

A short term patch up to get you through, or a long term solution?

In truth, it depends on what your goal is.

I see both.

Some sports clients or people that have a job that they need to get finished… and just want a strategy to get them through it.

They want a plan of action to get them good enough to manage… some pain relief and support to get where they are going. That may look like pain management and Strapping so they can get through a game, or finish the term if they're teachers, or get through the week work wise.


MANAGING the issue to get a long term outcome requires a different strategy.

Yes we need to have pain management and support but we also need to add on the strength and movement component so we build back healthy strong oriel tissue.

This latter bit is key to a successful long term outcome.

We need to have a plan and strategy that reflects that which is different to the just get through strategy which is more about minimising further damage.

Whatever place you are in.. whether it's just getting through a difficult few days, having a patch up short term fix, or in for a long term solution.. how we manage them will be quite different.


In order to get the outcome you want… your strategy MUST reflect your goal.

When clients come to see me… I need to know what they expect and what they have in mind in order to have a pain that will work.

If you have a chronic problem with a weak core, poor posture and general stiffness… My ideal would be to see you at least twice a week for 6 - 12 weeks, as having a long term problem means it takes time to effectively make a long term change. I can get you pain free quickly within a week or so, but to get that to stick and be long term it needs you understanding how you use and move your body and changing that for long term results.

If you're not able to attend twice a week, then I expect once a week with a lot more commitment and compliance via home work.

If you can't attend at all.. then I will give you a home program and review you every two weeks but advise you need to be aware that it will take longer to get the results you want.


You miss the benefit of having someone there correctly and adapting what you're doing and modifying it to suit and fit you when we see you regularly.

We can change and redirect as we need.. so you can get guidance and get the best results.

When you're left to your own devices at home.. with all the best intentions you may be doing something not quite optimally or not to its best effect so you miss out on the best results.

All 3 strategies work.

They just work differently, with different goals and processes in mind.


If you want the best results get seen regularly.

You can manage at home but it doesn't give you the same feedback if you slip back into bad habits.

I have clients that will touch base every month… they're doing great… but they don't want to go back to where they've been.. so they attend once every month or two.. just to ensure they stay on track.

Management has to fit your lifestyle as well as your goal.

Time, finance, commitment and expectations all need to be taken into account, as well as what your understanding of your issue is and how willing you are to put into the work required to get where you want to be.

It's never just a case of doing this for this issue and everything will work.

Everyone is different and how we rehab a knee for an office worker is different to how we rehab a knee for a runner or a plumber…

Management has got to reflect the stresses your body is placed under and how you need it to perform.

That's the goal of an effective management plan.

To get you from where you are now to where you want to be..

And if your current plan doesn't reflect that or have that process in mind… then ask why not, and find someone who listens to what you want and can help you get there.

There are numerous ways to work with me , from in person, online programs and courses, or privately online.

Contact me to see what would work best for you or browse the header under work with me to make a booking - CONTACT




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