Is Core Strength Important?

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Core strength: What's it all about?

Does it matter?

Do we need it?

How do we get it?


Core strength means different things to different people.


  • A 6 pack.
  • Tight abs
  • Being able to lift heavy things
  • Good posture
  • A flat surfboard tummy
  • Being able to plank for 5 minutes
  • Abs of steel

But that just reflects what we have superficially.. and having all of those doesn't mean we have  a good string core.


Core strength is about the deep muscles. Our posture muscles… the muscles that support us and allow us to then use our 6 pack muscles.


They work at a low consistent level with our diaphragm, pelvic floor, and deep back muscles to support us.


A strong core means we use our body more efficiently and effectively. We are less fatigued and less prone to injury. We have more energy and perform better.


We also have better posture and will stand taller and appear more confident.


So is a good core important?


If we have back pain, have been injured, are active and sporty.. then yes.


Is a poor or weak core a problem .. no… not until it becomes a problem..


A weak core that is an issue usually follows when  you've had back pain or an injury. If you've had a baby via c -section or had a tummy split, or major abdominal surgery. A big weight gain or inactivity can also cause a weak core.


A weak pelvic floor, low back pain, "mummy tummy" or lack of tone are common with reduced core strength.


Building up core strength needs to start from laying good foundations.


Starting with planks and boot camp is NOT the way to get started and may lead to bracing and added pressure on a weak pelvic floor and cause increased back pain.


We need to first ensure you KNOW what it feels like to work your core and how to activate it properly.


Most people brace, breath hold and force a contraction which can cause even more weakness.


If you put your hand on your lower tummy… When your core is active it will move away from your hand slightly and not dome upwards, or create a downward pressure on your pelvic floor.


If you feel an upward pressure so your belly domes out or a downward pressure in your pelvic floor, you're doing too much and not controlling things properly.


Unfortunately most trainers don't know the lower levels of getting these basics correct and push their clients into hard exercises too quickly… and you're gonna feel good working hard and getting that sweat on..


But to the detriment of your deep support system.


This is why you feel better qas you get the endorphins buzz from exercise… but you are unable to push past a certain point and the body can't cope with increasing load or work.


When you set yourself up for success by laying the right foundations… all the muscles will support and gain strength in unison… without creating an imbalance.


If you want to build up strength in your core the right way… then you can work with me in person or ask about our next core strength program online.

How you can get a better core with me:

**  One to One  private work - in person or online - contact 
**  Self paced Activate Your Core Mini Program - sign up here 
**  Core Strength Jumpstart Program - 4 weeks online - sign up here 





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