Addressing and doing the right thing will always get results.

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A lot of the time, we have a good idea what we need to do and what we want to achieve.

The big thing we miss if we're not experts in that field is what to do and when, how often, and how long for.

The magic is in the details.

If you know to stretch, what are your trenching and why.

If you know how to strengthen, what are you strengthening, and why is it weak in the first place.

A lot of the clients I see have a rough idea but miss the big picture of how to put that all together and miss chunks of things they should be doing completely.


The body is a machine.

Look after the moving parts and keep them moving.

Look after the working parts and keep them powered.

Keep fuelling it properly so it has energy and runs smoothly.

When something is mal aligned it puts stress and strain on other parts.

ALL the working parts need to be taken into account when you have chronic pain or injury.

Most of you look at one bit and assume it will make a difference.

It won't. Most of you try a few things and give up saying it doesn't work.

It won't if you're not doing them to address a certain issue


When you have got to the stage where pain, discomfort, stiffness and lack of mobility cause you to change your lifestyle choices and compromise on what you do... you need EXPERT CLINICAL help.

Someone like myself who can put a picture together as to WHY certain things are stiff and WHY you have weakness, and WHY you have pain and what's CAUSING all that at the deeper level.

Because addressing it superficially will ALWAYS yield short term gain.

Yes, your core is weak but WHY.

Just trying to build a core on top of weak or deficient foundations never works.

Yes, your glutes are weak. but WHY can't you activate them.

Pushing yourself to work glutes that aren't firing creates more imbalance and makes it even HARDER to activate them.


If you want help addressing what you need then work with me.

I'm more than happy even if you just want to know WHY and get some direction. is it better to get the right guidance - Yes.

But getting the right direction is better than going in circles!

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