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abs strength back care back pain exercises back pain management back pain physio back pain solution back pain stretches chronic pain clinical pilates clinical pilates wanneroo musculoskeletal physio pelvis pain relief physio wanneroo Feb 25, 2023

What a week we've had in the studio!


I have had so much fun working with our gorgeous peeps, many of whom have improved so much that we're tackling things like windsurfer on the trap table - shown in the picture!

The full exercises starts in sitting, moves to a scoop under the bar, into a bridge, then leg work into the diagonal kite surf position you see.
And boy - is it a killer!
I ask for 3 - 8 reps tops!
You FEEL this exercise, but mostly in your grip strength, closely followed by legs, core and arms!
Great for those of you who spend a lot of the day sitting as it works you into the extended posture.
Clinical Pilates is a great way for us to not only start to get you moving even when you have limited ability due to injury or pain, but it also allows us to challenge you and push your body in ways you never though possible!
And I am so proud and impressed by everyone's achievements this week.
It's so great to see the excitement and elation at achieving things that seemed beyond reach not so long ago!
From not being able to move freely to achieving this is amazing!
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