Biomechanics Matter

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Biomechanics....Do they Matter?

Do you think about yours?
Biomechanics basically means the alignment of the body - so it stands to reason that anything that causes our alignment and use to be sub optimal will affect our biomechanics and in turn our ability to use our body effectively and at it's most efficient.
You watch some people run or play sport - and everything just 'works'.
They look effortless, they flow, they make it look easy, there's no kinda 'fighting' with their body....
And you see others - and it looks like hard work, awkward, exhausting, laboured...
That right there is the big difference. When we are in complete alignment and our systems are biomechanically optimal - well everything 'works' and the body just does its thing... a bit like a car that's just been serviced... it smooth and quiet.
When we're not quite at that place - things are harder, we work harder, we have to work around in efficiency so it takes more effort and more power to do the same thing, and we fatigue more quickly and take longer to recover... a bit like when our car is running badly - it uses more oil, more petrol, and just doesn't perform.
There is some controversy in this, but I'm a firm believer that when we get pain ' for no reason' a big culprit is poor biomechanics - we're either in poor posture, over working some muscles, under using others, and not using our body the way it should be used.
So whilst dealing with your pain and injury - we also address this and correct how you use your body to reduce stress and strain and prevent the problem from coming back.
This has been key and instrumental in the success we get with our clients - especially in those who have not had results that last before - and its precisely due to this - no one has addressed that component before.
Without that - you're just gonna be back at square one.
Biomechanics matter - especially if what you do and the activities you partake in involve stress and strain on compromised tissues.
A tight ITB or lateral quads muscle - will lead to knee strain. Not a big problem if you work in an office and don't do much.
A MAJOR problem if you want to run or do cross fit.
It's all about what you want to do and whether or not it affects you. - If it does - get it seen to.
An accurate biomechanical assessment is the key to successful management.
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