Get Back Pain Free - And Stay Back Pain Free.

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Looking for a DIY solution to managing your back pain at home?
Back School is full of tips and hacks to get back pain free - whether you want to just follow the trainings and implement them, or read deeper into why they work - our online program can help you get back pain free and stay back pain free.
Do the work and you'll see the results.
Why this format?
Many of my clients wanted a remedy or program they can do at home - we all struggle to prioritise our time, we put others first, we're too busy, we can't fit another appointment in, we're not able to make the time, financial or mental commitment to attend in person.
So here's the solution:
Our 8 week Online Back Pain Relief Program - Physio Led.
We all want to be pain free and know what to do to stay pain free. And that's what this program is about. Showing you options and hacks you can implement to get control back over your body and restore confidence and trust in your back.
✅ do it yourself at home - your time for your convenience
✅ go into as much depth and understanding as you choose - either implement the training - or deep dive into all the associated info and explanations on offer
✅ lifetime access - follow the program for the 8 weeks, or catch up when you can, and enjoy lifetime access so you can re do it - or revisit it whenever you need.
✅ tried and tested training and info from a physio with 30 years experience working in this field
✅ easy to implement - takes 5-20 minutes daily only
✅ various options shown - do what works for you
✅ start with a baseline marker - and track your progress
✅ Implement things that become automatic so you don't even think about them
This training program is delivered via video and email, with all the content housed on our online hub - so you can access it from anywhere at anytime, and implement what works for you.
Prefer a more personalised approach?
Want to know exactly what YOU need to do - there's an add on option to get personalised guidance, or opt for an add on personalised assessment and feedback session so you have specific guidance on what YOU need to work and focus on.
Sign Up below - we start 27th March - Early Bird Offer ends 28th Feb (save 20%)

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