It starts with Awareness #painmanagement #injurymanagement

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It starts with Awareness....

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Whether you want to be pain free, have better posture or improve your performance after injury... the one thing that you NEED is AWARENESS..
Most of you don't KNOW what to do, so you seek help from either google, or advise from others who've had the same issue, or professional help...
Sometimes you're not even aware that you HAVE a problem... you just put up with it thinking its normal or part of getting older.


Key to knowing you have an issue
Key to knowing there's a way forward with that issue
Key to knowing there are things you can do to change and improve that issue
Key to knowing what to do


Awareness of what to do in ACUTE INJURY so you maximise the natural healing process of the body and minimise any adverse reactions or further damage
- how does that help - the body is a bag of chemicals - allowing that bag of chemicals to work and do it's thing whilst HELPING it by creating the right environment creates optimal healing.
- ignoring it and placing undue stress or counter acting against the healing process leads to potential further injury - just because something doesn't hurt any more doesn't mean its fully healed 0 tissues are still weak and need strengthening - how many times do you 're injure' things that you though were ok - healing time is 3 - 6 weeks for minor issues and 6- 12 weeks + for more major issues.

CHRONIC ISSUES are different.

The longer they go on , the more adaptations and compensations the body makes, and the more it becomes engrained in the body.
Trying to change these issues generally creates chaos - you hear you should get stronger - so you exercise and avoid things that hurt.. or feel uncomfortable - which inevitably is what happens when you 'train' with someone also.
This can create more strength in already over working tissues, making weaker tissues - weaker - hence why we hear ' exercise and strengthening doesn't work for me'
AWARENESS of what you need to do in either case takes expert eyes and expert knowledge - if you're not getting the results you want... you need another viewpoint.
I can help.
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